Monday, September 06, 2010

An Educational Book for the Aspiring Hobby Chemist

Ahh, Chemistry. Can there be a better way to relax a tired mind after a long day, than to watch the desired product distill to perfection in a wide array of flasks and beakers?
A better way to earn a little money extra, by getting your friends and family to enjoy your mostly harmless product?

There probably can.
Especially if you take into account that you will have smoked your home and burned your trachea after chapter 5 of this book.
Oh, and you will have created some interesting things that will kill you in chapter 11:

BTW - Raney-Nickel is extremely *pyrophoric* and should never be allowed to dry out. If it does, it will catch on fire, all by it's little self, and burn a hole halfway to China.

A champagne bottle as a hydrogenation bomb? No thanks, I'd rather drive down the Pacific Coast Highway blindfolded.

I will probably find myself another hobby after all. But I still want that book. And be it only to have a great conversation starter about organometallic reactions.
Be honest, don't we all need one of those?

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